Sell Your Car

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to move on and sell your car, there are different options available to you. You could sell it privately, sell it to a dealer or trade it in for a new car.

As many are aware, you might be able to secure a higher price when selling privately, however the risk is often not worth it. Selling your car to a dealer is much safer than selling it privately as there are many scam artists out there looking to rip unsuspecting car owners off.

When selling your car to a dealer, or trading it in, it is advisable to shop around for a reputable dealership that gives you a good deal. Is your car still under finance? Make sure you know the amount that still needs to be settled or you may be liable to cover the shortfall.

To start the process, complete our easy online form. This will give you an estimated value of your car’s worth. Should we be interested in purchasing your vehicle, we will contact you.

Buy My Car

Selling your car? Just complete our online form for the estimated value of your vehicle. Should we be interested in purchasing it from you, we will get in touch via email or telephonically.

Trade My Car In

Looking to buy a new car? You can trade your current car to cover a portion of the cost. Simply complete our online form for an estimated value of your car and we will contact you if interested.

Looking To Sell Your Car?

Eagle Corner offers you some great tools and services to aid you in selling or trading your car in.

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Are you looking to sell your car? Eagle Corner is South Africa's largest privately owned dealership and we may be in interested in buying your car.

Trade My Car In

Are you in the market for a new car and would like to trade your car in for a new car? We will be glad to valuate your car and assist you with trading your car in.

Value My Car

Do you want to know what your car's value is? Get an estimated value of what your car is worth right here.